Kidnappers Caught And Severely Beaten After Failed Operation in Lagos (Photos + Video)

A Facebook User has taken to the social medium to thank God for sparing her life after she managed to escape from her kidnappers today, Monday, May 21, 2018.
The User identified as Abidemi Omoniyi, shared a photo of the two alleged suspects, a man and woman, who had been seriously battered for their alleged crime.

Ms Omoniyi also revealed that she had entered their vehicle thinking they were going to Agege but claims to have been held down and told that she was being taken to Ibadan.

In the photo she shared, the woman had been stripped naked and seriously beaten while the man is pictured with a gash on his forehead and his face and clothes, bloodied.

However, Omoniyi failed to reveal how she managed to escape from the suspects but we can’t help but be grateful for her.

Click on the link to watch video;

Meanwhile, 3 suspected kidnappers nabbed in failed bid to abduct victim
A video of three young men reported to be kidnappers is the subject of focus in a Nigeria that has become a habitual resort for people of their sort.

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Akinwande Ogundana, who shared the clip on Facebook was thanking God and members of his community for foiling the attempt of the suspects as they aimed to abduct his wife – a full grown woman. Conversations heard in the video suggested that the trio had the intention to whisk away the unnamed victim via a motorcycle in broad day. A scene in the footage saw them lie on a blood-stained floor as a group of people directed disparaging comments at them as well as some blows.

The seriousness of their plight was clear to them from their sober faces – they had chosen a wrong trade and have met their waterloo. An arrival of the police would mean their last hour as free men.

Cases of kidnapping have been a constant concern for security personnel in the country. Many of these have been for ritual purposes where the perpetrators receive a meagre fee after making a delivery to a higher person who has kept them under his employ.

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