Huh!! Girl Takes Selfie In Front Of A Guy Being Forced To Perform Oral Sex On A Man At Gunpoint (Photo)

A photo surfaced on Twitter that shows a Black man being forced at gunpoint to perform oral sex on a group of young Black men in an alley.

A smiling young Black woman is seen in the foreground of the photo in selfie position.

Behind the woman in the narrow red-bricked alley, a Black man wearing a blue t-shirt can be seen on his knees, his back toward the camera, with his face in the crotch of a Black man standing over him. The man is wearing a white t-shirt and with his right hand is pointing a handgun at the man on the man kneeling before him. His left hand is in a controlling position on the back of the victim’s head. The rapist’s face can not been seen as he is looking backward to his fellow rapists.

The victim’s face can not be seen in the photo.

At least six other Black men can be seen crowded in behind the gunman. One standing on his right appears to be undoing his pants to be the next one to orally rape the victim.

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On the left of the gunman is a man smiling and giving the finger to the camera.

The photo was tweeted by @jlconnell66 with the critical comments:

“Must be because of white racists. @jlconnell66 #BlackBrunch #BlackLivesMatter #blackliesmatter #BlackTwitter”

The photo itself is captioned:

“They Gotta Gun To They Opp’s Head. Making Him Suck They Dick”

The screen grab of the photo shows it was apparently posted by “Gorgeouss Kiaa”.

A Facebook account with the name “Gorgeouss Kiaa”matches the avatar seen in the post of the selfie of gang rape photo.

The screen grab shows the gang rape selfie photo has 201 “likes” and 301 comments.

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