Check Out This Amazing Transformation Of An Overweight Couple In The Space Of One Year (Photos)

Below are pictures showing an overweight couple who transformed into a fit shape in the space of 365 days. According to the husband who shared the pictures, exercising 6 days a week, drinking lots of water and avoiding junk food was how they arrived at their amazing weight loss.

The husband shared:

“Here is the little project my wife and I have been working on the last 365 days, she has lost 58lbs and I have lost 224lbs”

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Sharing the secrets of how they lose their weight and time spent a day,
he tweets;

“(1,600 cal./day) lots of fruit & vegetables drink a ton of water, no junk food (ok 1 treat per week) We exercise 6 days a week, walking (lots of walking), we made a home gym with a Punching bag, Elliptical & a Bowflex. To start I could only do 10 minutes on the punching bag, which turned into about 50-70 minutes a day which I split up between mornings & nights”

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This is definitely overweight couple goals… Lol.

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