Man offers ladies free ride just to rob them

A 42-year-old driver, who gives stranded women free rides using his boss’ car only to rob the women, has been arrested with his accomplices and they confessed to the crimes.

John Ololo said he and his partners drive along the streets of Lagos in search of stranded ladies. When they find such ladies, they offer them rides with the sole aim of robbing them of their phones and other valuables. Ololo also confessed that he used the money made from the robberies to augment his monthly salary.

The suspect was arrested alongside his gang members, Augustine Emmanuel, 21, and Anayo Oluchuwku, 25.

Ololo, the ringleader of the group is a driver in his company and, after dropping his boss at home, he goes home with the car to enable him return early to pick his boss from home and take him to the office.

Since he had the car for most of the hours after work, he conceived the idea of using his company’s car to rob, then he recruited Emmanuel and Oluchuwku. Whatever money made during operations was shared equally.

“Sometimes, when I’m going to the office, I pick passengers along the way. Our modus operandi is to dress well and go to any club. After clubbing, we would offer ladies free ride; we usually pick two ladies.

Once they enter, one of us would bring out a toy gun and threaten to shoot them. We would dispossess them of their valuables,” Ololo told New Telegraph

“I have collected many phones from ladies since I started this operation. My monthly salary is N65,000. Unfortunately, the salary is not enough. That was why i decided to use the car to rob. The money I make from robberies is to supplement my salary.

Oluchkwu said that it was Ololo who provided the toy guns they used for their operations.

He said: “It was Augustine who contacted me that someone has brought an idea that would fetch us money. When I heard the idea, I bought into it, because I was jobless.

When Augustine took me to Ololo, he explained how we were going to go about the operation. Ololo promised that whatever that comes out of it would be shared equally.”

The thieves were caught last Saturday as they were returning from one of the clubs. They were arrested by policemen at the Lekki roundabout.

Augustine said: “When Ololo brought the idea, I didn’t know we would be arrested so soon. It was greed that made me to follow him. I have not been involved in robbery before.”

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