Doctors Find 7 Sewing Needles Inside The Body Of A 3-Year-Old Child (Photos)

The baby was abandoned by her mother because she had been sickly over the past one year. The mother eloped with another man and since then, the baby has been under the care of her grandparents.
An X-ray examination conducted on Wednesday revealed seven needles lodged in the baby’s body. Five needles are in the stomach and two on her back.

Doctors suspect the needles were inserted in the child’s body. They have ruled out possible ingestion.
Nairobi News reports that according to her grandparents, the child has been complaining of stomach aches and has been coughing endlessly for the past one year. They had taken her to the local dispensary but her condition never improved.
The grandparents said they could not comprehend how the needles got into their granddaughter’s body
Her tearful grandmother Mrs Emily Ling’aa said she was shocked to see the X-ray images.


“Chepchumba was born well in a hospital. She has been with her mother but when she started being sickly the mother ran away.
I was left to take care of her. I felt some things in her stomach but I thought it was a normal disease or some problem with digestion.
“I was shocked to learn of the needles in her body after the x ray and wondered how they got inside the child’s body,” she added.
The poor family now says that it has no money for the treatment of the child. Her grand father, Mr John Chepkokei Ling’aa, said they had been giving the child some painkillers to help her fight the pain.
“The mother escaped because the child was sickly. She is now married to someone else. We used to give her pain killers and we took her to Center Kwanza Dispensary .We are stranded and we don’t know where to start from.”

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