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The best way to rule this country is by spiritual powers – Native doctor professes solution to Nigeria’s problem (Photos)

Worried by the increase in the level of corruption among Nigerian politicians, a native doctor from Delta state has weighed in on the ‘best’ option to curb the looting trend. The native doctor who took to social media to share his opinion – said that the best way to rule a country like Nigeria is by using spiritual powers so if anyone loots and tries to run away from the country, the oracle will kill his family.

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Some Nigerians have argued that using the traditional way is the ”only” way to reduce corruption in Nigeria because shrine is the only office that politicians are really afraid off.

It would be difficult for public office holders to siphon public money or abuse their office if they are sworn in with their deity, like ‘Ofo’ in Igbo or ‘Ogun’ in Yoruba.

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