2 Young men invent machine that can wash bitter leaf (Photos)

There is still hope in the youths and also education in Nigeria , when two young siblings came together to think of how to solve a problem in the society using scientific innovation. In Anambra , a state that loves eating bitter leaf soup but washing out the bitterness of the leaf can be too tedious . The nightmare of many restaurants and caterers , with the inventions like this , life would be much simpler for Nigerians .

Two young men have invented an incredible machine in Anambra State. The young men who are from Anambra state invented a machine that washes bitter leaf.

The young men constructed a machine that can wash bitter leaf and convert the juice for medicinal purposes.

The men who are from Anambra state named the machine OGANIHU C². Oganihu is the Igbo word for progress, adding that the C2 stands for the first letters of their names.

OGANIHU C² inventors, Ubaka Chukwuebuka Patrick and Atikpo Chukwuebuka Patrick, stated that the machine washes bitter leaf and converts the juice into medicinal substances.
They revealed that the juice that is generated after washing bitter leaf can be used as liquid fertilizer, methanol and insecticides.

Ubaka Chukwuebuka said: “After washing the Bitter Leaf, we will Convert the bitterLeaf Juice(water) into Fertilizer(Liquid). We also uses its water(Juice) to Produce Methanol, Insecticides etc. The project is quite Mechanized. You don’t need to touch anything, it’s Automatic.”

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