My Mom Doesn’t Want Me To Marry My Fiancee Because She’s 5 Years Older Than Me

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My fiance and I have been dating for the past 3years. I attained 24 last week, I wanted to get married to her last year but I just wanted to wait till I attain 24.

The problem I have now is my mom. She is opposing our marriage because my fiancee is 5 years older than me, I’m 24 while she’s 29. My dad has already endorsed the marriage, I’d have liked to go on with the marriage but I don’t think going into marriage without both parents blessing is sensible that’s why I need my mom’s blessing and endorsement.

My fiance has good character, she’s very kind and intelligent, I can’t afford to lose her because of pressures from my mom at least I’m an adult.

I don’t know what’s happening, my mom endorsed our relationship but she doesn’t endorse our marriage just because she’s 5years older than me. The thing is, I can’t leave this lady ,not now not ever, she have done so many things for me.

in fact she even promised to provide 80% of the things needed for the marriage!. She is rich, yes she is, the house I’m in living in now belongs to her, I moved in with her in 2016.

The truth is I love her and I can’t afford to lose her because of my mom’s wish. Both her parents and my dad have given us go ahead for marriage but my mom still doesn’t want me to marry because of age and my fiance is beautiful.

I don’t know what do now ,that’s why I think I need advice from you guys,.I don’t know if I should go ahead with the marriage without my mom’s endorsement/blessings.

please advice

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