Shocking! Woman kills pregnant lady, slices her stomach to steal her baby (Photos)

Victim, Jessica Gabriela N

A woman in Mexico has been arrested after allegedly killing and slicing open a mum-to-be and stealing her baby in a bid to cover-up her own miscarriage.

According to Sun UK, Police arrested Cinthia Fatima N. and her husband Omar Erique N. in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas after the body of pregnant 20-year-old Jessica Gabriela N. was found in their house.

Local media are reporting Cinthia had met the victim on social media and lured her to her home on the pretence of selling her baby clothes.

Jessica reportedly met up with Cinthia but her family raised the alarm when she did not return after a few hours.

The pregnant woman’s body was found decomposing in Cinthia’s family home days later with reports suggesting the victim had been strangled to death.

Authorities had been alerted to the possible link after a woman claiming to be Cinthia’s sister had turned up at a hospital with a dead baby.

Suspect, Cinthia Fatima N


Suspect’s husband, Omar Erique N

The woman reportedly told doctors that her sister had had a still-birth at home.

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However, local media are reporting that Cinthia had lost her own child months earlier but had not told her husband.

She then reportedly contacted several pregnant women on social media to try to kill them and steal their unborn children.

By then taking the unborn child to doctors and saying she had had a miscarriage, Cinthia hoped she would convince her husband she had not lost her own child months earlier.

Prosecutors from the General Attorney’s office have begun an investigation into the shocking case but are yet to make a statement to the press.

According to at least one report, the suspect’s husband has also been arrested.

Reports suggest Cinthia lived with her three children whilst her husband usually worked away from the family home.

The circumstances of how the suspect allegedly removed the unborn baby from its dead mother remain unclear.

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