7 Ways To Prevent Your Breasts From Sagging After Pregnancy

Pregnancy and breastfeeding can cause undesirable changes to the appearance of the breasts as your once gorgeously full breasts start to shrink in size, and sag and this is the nightmare of most women even those yet to get pregnant.

This can be as a result of various other factors like the shape of your breasts before pregnancy (whether they were already large), the percentage of fat in your body and other factors like age.

Though, it is almost impossible to regain pre-pregnancy breasts, there are some special ways of minimising or even preventing your breasts from sagging after your baby is born.

1. Wear A Bra That Gives Good Support To Your Breasts And Around It

A good supportive bra is something you must buy not immediately you find out you are pregnant as your breasts are going to increase in size, especially in your third trimester. Wearing ill-fitting bras is not just uncomfortable, but will also promote sagging after you have your baby, due to the lack of support. The right cup size will ensure your breasts are not spilling out. Go for wider straps and look for a support band around the bottom of your breasts. If the bra fits you well your chest will get the right support.

2. Exercise Regularly

Exercise is necessary for maintaining firm breasts. Once your doctor gives permission to proceed, you should continue to exercise on a regular basis. It will check the weight gain and keep you fit through the pregnancy. Do Push ups and chest exercises as they help build the muscles in the chest which can aid a firm breast.

3. Maintain Good Breastfeeding Posture

Leaning over the baby to nurse should be avoided though Most mothers do this unknowingly while breastfeeding. Instead, use a nursing pillow or some form of support to raise the baby to your breast’s level. Avoid slouching, and avoid angling your breast down for it to reach the baby. Improving this simple posture and positioning while nursing will help prevent your breasts from drooping.

4. Massage with hot and cold water:

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While taking a shower, massage your breasts between hot and cold water. The hot water improves blood circulation while the cold water helps with toning and tightening of the skin. Always finish your shower with cold water. Alternatively, you can also massage your breasts with a warm wet towel and then use ice cubes to massage breasts in circular motion for no longer than a minute

5. Keep Your Skin Moisturized:

Make sure you regularly moisturize your skin, especially your breasts. It will help your skin remain supple which makes recovery from all that stretching a bit easier on your breasts. You can apply carrot oil, shea butter, vitamin E oil or cocoa butter to your breasts daily to boost breast skin suppleness and elasticity. This will also promote recovery from all the stretching that took place during pregnancy, reducing the appearance of stretch marks on the breasts.

6. Lose The Baby Weight Slowly

While most mums usually want to snap back into their pre-pregnancy body a week or less after baby’s birth, embracing a gradual process will give your breast skin ample time to recover and repair, reducing the chances that your breasts will sag.

7. Eat right

Women breastfeeding should eat more of foods rich in protein, healthy fats as well as fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants and foods high in vitamins like B and E to prevent sagging.

Foods that contain some form of low saturated fat can also avoid saggy breasts. That’s because your cells need at least 50% saturated fat to maintain their firmness and elasticity. Therefore, mothers who starve themselves of saturated fat in their diets are unconsciously causing their breasts to sag.

Saggy breasts can thus be prevented with the right diet.

In conclusion, Your breasts do not sag because of breastfeeding your baby. The process of sagging starts much before your baby arrives. Keep these tips in mind to help your breasts remain supple and shapely and go on to enjoy the whole process of motherhood.

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