Snake Charmer Escapes Death As Deadly Python Nearly Strangled Him (Photo)

A snake charmer escaped death by the whiskers during a live show in Uttar Pradesh, India, after a deadly python coiled around his neck and almost strangled him.

At first, people thought it was part of an act, as the python coiled harder around the neck of the charmer who incidentally owns the snake, in an effort to kill him,Daily Independent reports.

The snake charmer initially picked up the adult snake and allowed it to sit on his shoulders as he welcomed the crowd; slowly, the snake slithered up the man’s body and started to wrap itself around his neck.

The man appeared calm, acting as if he was simply wearing a turtleneck and continued to motion people to come closer.

Thirty seconds later, the man kneeled on the ground and appeared to be having trouble breathing.

He leaned forward and grabbed the snake’s body, attempting to forcefully pull the creature off.

For nearly a minute, a group of people just watched in shock and horror.

They realized the man was in serious trouble when he toppled over onto the sandy ground.

He appeared to be unconscious when a man stepped in to help. He sprinkled water on the snake and eventually the python slitered away.

According to report, three men came forward and rushed the unidentified man to a nearby hospital in Varanasi on March 20. His condition is still unknown.

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