7 Things Every Man Must Know Before He Clocks 30

1. Days of little beginnings:

To every individual is unique print pattern. It doesn’t matter which of your mates you graduated university with neither does it which of them now works with Total NG, at the end what matters is the integrity of what you do, it will payoff someday! It doesn’t matter if you hawk gala on the streets today, the disaster therein is complacency. Be proud of what you do, be hardworking, and always improve on yourself; if you don’t believe me, read about the Ghanian teacher who taught computer lessons by drawing them on board.

2. Never settle for less when you are still hustling:

The best time to show who you are is when you are still “in the making”. If anyone steps on your foot, let the person know immediately. This is the time you can have your shoulders high up; you know why? The best friend of wealth is humility. Once wealth comes in, the wise ones know a slap from a boy of 12 years should be followed by “thank you sir/ma”.

3. Leave parent’s house:

Nowadays, the greatest fear of an average Nigerian man is the fear of the unknown; all thanks to the Nigerian economy. Staying under your parent’s roof equates complacency and definitely you’d never be ready to throw stones at the fruits the life tree presents. Get out there and marvel you can actually feed yourself, probably even do more.

4. Leave the suburbs:

I do tell my friends this “…save being a farmer or for official reasons, what reason would a 21st century unemployed young man give for living in the villages?” Inspiration comes from seeing what magnificient projects your mates handle in the society. You claim nothing works yet you are enjoying akpu and palmwine in the village? Go out to the city and make yourself relevant. Information is power!

5. Its not always Nigerian Masters after BSc:

This is what I do tell people. Save the fact you currently work for a company and the portfolio of the office you hold supports improvement educational wise, kindly invest the money on a good and lucrative business. Make sure you do your homework well. If my parents had given me money for masters, I’d never dash it out to our poor educational system that adds nothing to the life of an average graduate. Life isn’t about competition, many of your mates will rush to do masters even PhD after BSc, be intelligent enough to know what is next.

6. There is no right age for marriage:

Do you have a dream taking your time at the moment? Please invest all your energy in it. Never bow to pressure. It doesn’t matter whatever tales have been told to your hearing; yes, they will surely tell you your friend’s children will call you brother lagbaja. What matters at the end is the places your children can confidently march into and that which theirs cannot. Do not forget so easily how you wished you were some kids in your elementary school.

At the end if the perks of being married debars your life pursuit, the same people will be the ones to mock you! Be wise!

7. The power of life and death lies in the hand of a woman (not literally).

It is safer not to marry than do and physically assault your wife. It does nothing but reduces man to nothing. As a young man, never take women seriously and do not kill yourself for a woman, the right woman will actually expend less of your energy and money.

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