Nigerian Man Shares Disturbing Incident He Witnessed In Mushin Between SARS & Innocent Citizens

Tokunbo Akintola, a Nigerian author, has shared a disturbing incident he witnessed in Mushin, Lagos, last month.

The writer said he was passing through the abbatoir at Itire, Mushin, when he saw SARS officers randomly select young men and throw them into a Black Maria before they were taken to the police station and accused of killing a police officer.

Tokunbo said he and other young men had to look for a dark spot around some stalls in the abbatoir to hide out till the raid was over. He said about 400 men were taken away to the Police headquarters in Ikeja where they were slammed with murder charges and thrown into cell without food or water.

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Those who couldn’t prove their innocence have allegedly been taken to Potoki prison in Badagry where they remain till date.

Below is his account of the incident.

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