See the empty streets that welcomed President Buhari to Benue State (Photos)

Unlike other states, the streets were empty when Buhari visited Benue this afternoon. Seems, Benue people are not happy with Mr President.

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‘Are Benue people talking to President Buhari already?

The convoy you are watching is that of President Buhari entering the Peoples Government House, Makurdi.

There are no people in the streets to wave or welcome Mr. President. This may hardly be unconnected with the killings in Benue State by Fulani herdsmen viz a viz the poor handling or response by the presidency. I can not explain the level of anger that leads to this cold reception, but I can tell you the streets are filled to the brims, but with security men.

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The young, not so young, the old, and not so old men and women that occupied the streets of Makurdi in 2015 when the same man visited Benue have disappeared?

I don’t really know what it is, but many accredited journalists are advised not to even stay within the premise of the People’s House Makurdi, this is quite strange.

Could this be the diminishing popularity of the President in Benue?’

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