19yrs Old Nigerian, Kelvin Odunuyi Shot Dead In Front of A Cinema In UK (Photos)

In a rather unfortunate incident,a Nigerian teenager has been shot dead infont of a U.K cinema.

19-year-old Kelvin Odunuyi, was gunned down as he stood with friends at the entrance of the Vue cinema in Wood Green by 12:30am on Thursday

His grieving mother has lamented over how she warned the Nigerian teenager against going out.

Lamenting on her son’s death, Afishetu Oniru, said her son whose father runs a property business in Nigeria, was in the “wrong place at the wrong time” and was not a gang member, but socialized with people who were.
She said;

“He was a lovely jovial boy. He was clever and loved by all who knew him…he had everything going for him.

“I have always lived in London but when we moved to Wood Green for a short time I got scared for my family. We now live in Harrow and I told him not to go back to Wood Green to see friends. But he did and now he is dead after being shot dead in a random attack. Police said it was wrong place at wrong time. I am devastated. I knew he would be safe at home with me but he went there and now he is dead. Another mother is grieving, enough is enough, the government needs to act to stop the bloodshed.”

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Though no arrest has been made so far, however it was gathered that the relatives of the late Nigerian teenager, had paid his fees at the prestigious £26,000-a-year Fulneck School in Pudsey, West Yorkshire, and that he had ambitions to work in the oil industry. Former classmates of the deceased described Kelvin as a popular boy with “bags of potential”.

One said: “He was always a generous, cool person who was always cracking jokes in school,” adding: “My generation has been corrupted with this idea that gang violence is cool. What people forget is that you’re taking someone from their families.”

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