The Day I Discovered I Was Her Personal Pleasure Object

Edakun Please pardon my blunders oo…I just had to pour out my happening so i can move on..

She served in PH, and stayed a little longer after service year to gain working experience.

We met in Jan 2017 after she got back to Lagos and became friends, every time I ask about her relationship status, she’ll tell me she had a briefed one there and they stop talking as the guy is the busy type who works with an oil and gas firm.

She setup up a business and I help with ERP Software and we became attached.
I noticed she’s usually lonely and in thoughts, I’ll call her everyday and make her feel loved and that was how we started.
I ditch my current girl, snubs my niggas just to impart the missing Love.

Everything seems awesome and the dream seemly becoming reality, until I noticed one traits..’Her WhatsApp status is usually ONLINE at odd hours’.

I complained many times but the excuses are ‘I have sleep disorder’. And she’s met with different Therapist to no avail..I took that with a pinch of salt and I was watchful..

One day, we had plans to meet, and I called her I was still busy with a Client and don’t think I can come over that night unknown to her, i was on my way..I arrived 40 minutes later and found out someone was with her. She opened the door and dashed to the lavatory.

I saw the guy was so uncomfortable and I left, minutes later she was calling begging to please come back and I did after discovering she was sobering up and just to hear her out; ‘ He was a Family Friend, he had issues with business and blah blah blah blah.. I took that cuz I Love her, I understand they’ve been together before I came into the picture.

The midnight WhatsApp Online status continues and I was curious to find out who she usually chats with at that time.

One day(Yesterday) I was with her and after some romantic discussions, I told her I needed to check Fiverr for some approval and I’ll love to use her phone as my phone battery has drained(that’s the scope I used), she ask that I use my Laptop and I told her the battery is low, she wanted to put on Generator and I said ‘why can’t I check the internet with my girl’s phone??.

I collected it, and scroll through her WhatsApp and there, I got the greatest shock of my Life…

My girl wanted more of ‘Mr Family Friend’ d*ck than every other thing in her life.. How they’ve been fvcking and how she wanted it right now now..

Another shock of my life was when I was scrolling up..I saw where my girl was telling him that he should come and deal with the stupid computer boy(me) as he’s disturbing Mr FF girl oo, she said she’s tired of computer’s boy disturbances and he reply, ‘give me his number lemme curse him..

Èmi Computer boy

Peeps, not only that chat oo, I saw many different amorous Convo’s from some other guys she told me was her cousins, church members and friends that has got me in thought since yday…
I have never checked her phone before in our 1year Plus relationship… I was happy I did that yday and thank God I did..

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