Facebook Introduces Face Recognition Technology

Face recognition has been working on the social network for a while: it is the function that marks you or your contacts on the photos.

Why is this message displayed? A possible explanation is the risk of lawsuits relating to privacy.. For them facial recognition can be used for bullying, for example with photos posted on false profiles to provoke the victim with the reports. In the United States, the rules on this issue are a little softer, but recently a court ruled that Facebook, a large social network, must comply with Illinois privacy laws, requiring the user to be informed before his bio metric information is used.

However, in December 2017, the social network giant Facebook began to extend the mechanism to identify people who appear in images but are not marked. Suppose you went to a party and that the organization of the event placed the photos after the event.

For the social network giant Facebook, the mechanism will help the user to maintain his privacy and prevent unauthorized use of his image. If you are in one of the images, the recognition system can send you a notification to let you know.

It is possible that Facebook, in order to avoid a wave of processes that bring little clarity about biometric identification – including the laws of Illinois and various other locations – has decided to massively warn users about the mechanism through the news feed, although the representative of the company denied this intention: according to him, the report started in December, only for smaller groups.

Anyway, you can disable face recognition in the privacy settings of Facebook. As the message itself indicates, the function can also alert you if someone creates an account with a photo of you.

Allows you to mark yourself on the photo or contact the responsible person to delete it if you do not want the image to be released.

The idea is to let the person know that it appears in a photo published by third parties on the social network.Facebook has secretly rolled out its new facial recognition technology

In recent days, users from around the world have encountered an unusual warning against face recognition when accessing Facebook.

Precisely because of privacy laws, the new face recognition mechanism is not implemented in Canada and the European Union. But there are authorities and matter experts who do not think so. It’s weird because the company usually does not announce new features in the news feed (although this has already happened).


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