Things To Look For When Booking A Nigerian Hotel

While searching a Nigerian hotel, you have to struggle hard to choose the hotel of your choice as you will be faced with a wide array of choices. Choosing the one that meets your needs and requirements out of the available options can prove to be a difficult task. Jumia Travel presents a quick checklist you can seek for while booking a suitable Nigerian hotel online.


There are some hotels whose facilities are not up-to-scratch. They should have basic facilities like kids’ area and swimming pool if your trip is a family trip.While if your trip is intended for the business purpose, a Wifi connection along with other business level services may prioritise your list.


The location should be feasible and easily accessible to nearby picnic spots and other tourist attractions if you are planning a family outing. If your trip is for business purpose, then proximity to nearby town becomes crucial. Close proximity to various shopping sites and other amenities can also be a point setter in your preference list.


Don’t miss out to check the reviews. Look out for reviews shared by various people who have stayed there to know whether their experience is good or bad. Online travel forums, hotel review sites and social media sites can help you in finding the one that you yearn for. There is the probability of finding a negative review too as it differs from person to person. Make a wise decision.

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Easy accessibility by air, road or train along with parking facility is what one should look for. Availability of hotel shuttle service to the nearby airport, railway station and other tourist attractions can be a plus point. If not, easy accessibility to public transport should be there to make things more manageable. Size of accommodation along with other facilities and some sort of loyalty benefits are some other factors that you should consider.

Price factor

Before making a final decision, consider various other value-added services including laundry, extended hour room service etc that can make your stay more comfortable. Search for the hotel that offers attractive price with luxurious accommodation in your budget. You can also perform an online comparison of various available options.

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