26 wedding guests killed in truck accident

Police said 26 wedding guests were killed and a dozen others injured Tuesday when a truck drove off a bridge into a dry riverbed in India’s western Gujarat state.

A district police official told dpa by phone that the vehicle was carrying the group to a wedding from one village to another in Bhavnagar district.

The dead included 15 men, 10 women and a 14-year-old boy. At least six people were critically injured.

Bhavnagar police’s SK Desai said the truck veered off the bridge and fell “about 25 feet” (7.5 metres) into the dry riverbed below.

“It appears that the driver of the truck was drowsy and lost control leading to the accident. Investigations are ongoing,” SP P.L. Mal told reporters during a televised appearance.

According to latest available government data, 150,785 people died in road accidents in India in 2016, averaging 413 deaths a day.

India’s high rate of traffic accidents is mostly blamed on poorly maintained roads and vehicles along with negligent driving.

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