Nigerian Masseuse calls out men for not wiping their ass before coming for massage

A Nigerian massage therapist identified as Amaka Aniegboka took to social media to call out men for not wiping their butt clean, before coming for a massage.

According to her tweet, said she’s tired of seeing poop in men’s butt hole when they come for massage.

She said these same men are the ones who specifically ask for a butt massage.

Read her tweets below.

Why can’t men wipe their ass? I’m tired of seeing shit in you people’s butt hole during massage. And the worst part is some of them even want butt massage…wtf!!!

Yeah…there’s butt massage. Ladies do that. Some guys do that too They claim they sit in the office for hours and it hurts.

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I don’t. Most of them refuse to cover themselves with towel. They be like “I want to be free, feel free with me”

Lmao…once you’re laying down naked(face down), anyone can see your butt hole depending on how wide you spread your legs. And as a massage therapist, I gotta work up to your head from your toes, one leg at a time.

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