“Nigerian Ladies Are Turning To Monthly Tax Collectors In Return For Sexual Services” – Relationship Expert

A relationship expert on twitter has used the platform to advice men concerning how to deal in a relationship with Nigerian ladies whom he says have developed the habit of dumping all their responsibilities on guys. He advised that they shouldn’t let the urge for sex influence how they manage their financial resources.

Read his tweets below.

”This Nigerian relationship system where a guy must pay a girl a monthly salary else she starts threatening to leave is absolute rubbish. Dear King, please let her go. Save the money up to acquire some assets towards your future family. Don’t squander your wages on a leech. I am filled with anger hearing that many of these gifts these girls were harassing men for during val, are now being discretely offered for sale. Nigerian kings, won ti gba oju yin.

Stop indulging these girls that won’t even marry you. Dear Kings, Don’t let your crave for fornication blind you to the financial poverty and waste you are about to wallow in. Fornication is resource intensive, financially. Just totally dysfunctional that a girl you are not married to will be making unreasonable financial demands from you, for the kind of money your parents who slaved to pay your school fees can’t even get from you. Have the gender cyber activists spared anytime at all to address the Nigerian upbringing and relationship malady where women are fast turning to aggressive monthly tax collectors in return for sexual services?

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The first time I tried to shake this table, one Nigerian girl jumped into my mentions to say I should tell the Kings to get sex from their mothers if they won’t pay her bae allowance. I guess misogyny allegations only work the other way if I said the same back to her. Dear Kings Don’t let your erection destroy your financial direction. Let the Word of God restrain your loins”.

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