EMBARRASSING: Watch How Guy Turns Down His Girlfriend’s MARRIAGE PROPOSAL At A Mall (Video)

An embarrassing episode occurred at the Accra Mall Friday as a lady tried to propose to her boyfriend and ended up with egg on her face.

At this point one would think some people have learned a few lessons based on the misfortune that has fallen on others, but alas, they haven’t.

A video trending on social media at the moment shows another embarrassing moment as a lady had her proposal turned down, in public.

The incident reportedly occurred at the Accra Mall on Friday.

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The lady went down on her knees to pop the big question to the boyfriend, and even had some supporting cast of friends holding up placards to support her.

However, the guy decided he wasn’t really interested in the marriage thingy, and he abandoned the girl right there in front of everyone as bystanders filmed.

Click on this link to watch the video 1.

Click on this link to watch Video 2

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