Nigerians shares their embarrassing sex experiences 18+

Tunde Ednut recently threw in a question that will go on to interest and engage Instagram Users, he asked about the worst sex experience one has encountered. ‘What’s the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you while having sex”.

As expected, the answers to a question like that were really funny and most sad, to say the least.

haykayboyish wrote; “Please Mr Tunde can you Delete this your qus cos people we turn this place to something else o, they fit commot their cloth and start having sex here now.”

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crystals_facelift wrote ; my first sex … I tried to give him a Bj but I almost bit his dick off… so embarrassing

halfamaka wrote, He forgot chewing gum in my pu33y…….

Kindly share yours with us, we would love to hear it”

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