See this 15-year-old Indian girl married off to an old Nigerian man (Photos)

An Indian Twitter shared photos of a young bride, who was recently married off to an older Nigerian man.

According to details shared by the users, the bride is said to be around 15 years, while the Nigerian man should be in his 60s.

The wedding ceremony took place in Karnataka, a state in South western region of India.

Some comments reads:

@samee102: Why God save her ? Her Allah is there to take care of her. For this peaceful community woman is an entity, a tradable entity from generations. They are not doing something new, just following the footsteps of their forefathers.

@Prashanthbmw: If you couldn’t feed them why do u need half a dozen kids? I couldn’t see her with that old age so called person! Shameful to u r community

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