20 Ways To Grow Long Hair

Hey. Does your hair seem stagnant and is the same length it was last year and the year last although you think you are doing the best you can possibly do to retain more length? You know what? I think your hair regimen is sabotaging your hard work. I know, I have been there before and it was not fun at all.

I used to put effort in the wrong direction and as a result, my hair did not show any improvement for years until I started researching on how to grow my hair the right and healthy way. Below are twenty tips that I found out and most of which I use regularly in my hair growth journey.

1, Wash your hair at least once a week to keep your hair and scalp clean and your hair well hydrated.

2, Try co-washing your hair instead of shampooing since shampoo has sulfates in it which will strip your strands of moisture and may result in more breakage.

3, Deep condition for 30 minutes or overnight at least every week for more moisture

4, Do hot oil treatments at least once a month or every week as a pre-poo treatment

5, Do protein treatments at least once a month for stronger and healthier hair

6, Avoid over manipulating your hair. “Hands off.” Do not comb or brush or handle your hair unnecessarily because it will only strain your strands.

7, Wear protective styles most of the time to protect your ends from weather elements and rubbing on your blouse/top to reduce the chances of your hair splitting.

8, Keep your ends well moisturized and hidden away if possible. Remember water is the only moisturiser but you need to also seal in the moisture by adding oil to your ends.

9 Avoid tight braids, pony tails or just pulling your hair too tight if you do not want to deal with a receding hair line “traction alopecia.”

10, Avoid plaiting your hair with wool because it is too drying for our hair. It will suck the little moisture that our hair has. Rather, try twisting, braiding your hair on its own.

11, If you can, avoid heat styling altogether as this usually leads to breakage. If you cannot avoid it however, please use a heat protecting spray or serum before applying the heat and try not to use heat too regularly.

12, Massage your scalp for about ten minutes daily to increase the blood flow to your scalp there by stimulating hair growth. It will also help you to relax.

13, Use a satin scarf or a satin pillow case to protect your hair when you go to bed. Cotton will cause abrasion and will suck moisture from your hair.

14, Wear a hat to protect your hair from too much heat from the sun when necessary

15, Use less styling products at a time. Products like gels and petroleum based hair foods will tend to dry out your hair or weigh it down which may lead to breakage so use sparingly.

16, Avoid using color. Hair color and dyes have strong chemicals that damage the hair follicles so using color is very damaging to our hair. Avoid it at all costs.

17, Relaxers are also damaging to our hair because they break the protein bonds which hold the hair shaft together giving it the coily structure, making the hair weak and prone to splitting and chronic breakage. If you can, try going natural and if not, then, stretch your touch ups as much as possible and avoid having your already chemically altered hair from being relaxed again because this will lead it to become even weaker and it will break off. Relax only the new growth.

18, Choose your hair accessories wisely. Clutches do look cute but are actually quite damaging to our hair because they tend to snug or pull the hair. I am not very good at staying away from clutches but apparently, pony holders or bobby pins are better alternatives to use when styling our hair.

19, Adopt a healthy lifestyle. Drink enough water, eat healthy, exercise, reduce your stress levels, relax and watch your hair grow. Kikiki

20, Be patient. Your hair will only grow on average of 12mm a month some people more and others less depending on genes. If you have short hair and you do everything right such that you retain most of your gained length, it will take you well over a year to get that big afro you always wanted. But hang in there. Have patience.

I know some may be overwhelmed by all this but I encourage you to try applying these tips to your hair care regimen and you will surely see the results. These tips apply whether you are relaxed or have natural hair so go on and try them.

Come back though and tell us your experiences and your results. We would love to hear/read it all. Feed back is very important and encouraging to others who may want to try but lack motivation. So get those comments rolling.

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