Mortuary attendant in trouble for fondling Ebony Reign’s corpse (Photo)

A mortuary attendant in Ghana is currently in trouble for allegedly assaulting the corpse of the late singer Ebony Reigns. A video clip which captures the man, believed to be the head of the Bechem Government Hospital Mortuary, fondling corpses of Ebony and her friend, Franky Kuri, has led to a public outrage as many are calling for heads to roll.

In the video the attendant was seen holding the head of Kuri while staring at her concurrently.

“Unbelievable! Life is too short,” he said and left hold of the head.

“I have taken footage of it.
If I see it on social media, I will hold you responsible because I won’t share it,”
another person is heard as saying.

Moments after that, the same man was captured fondling Ebony’s Bosom s and private part, until the one taking footage asked him to take off his hands just so he could film his preferred part.

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It is not ascertained how the video got to the social media, but in one way or the other, if found its way.

The video has however been circulated across Ghana and it has enraged a lot of people. The men responsible for taking the footage are currently under fire, with a lot of people asking the authorities to incarcerate them.

Ebony’s father and her management have threatened to take legal actions against Bechem Government Hospital Mortuary.

According to a statement associated with her family, they claim this is the worst assault anyone can slam on their family. As if the loss of their daughter is not enough, a mortuary attendant whose responsibilty is to care for the corpse, is now the one assaulting it.

Ebony Reigns and her friend met their untimely death, on Thursday, February 8, in a road accident on their way to Accra.

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