Man kills six-month-old baby, says he mistook him for a spider

A man has been charged with killing his girlfriend’s six-month-old baby after mistaking him for a spider.

Dwayne Lindsey is said to have let out a ‘horrendous howl’ after realising something was wrong with his girlfriend’s son Chayse Dearing, who suffered severe traumatic brain and spinal chord injuries.

Lindsey, from Melbourne, says the baby had fallen asleep on his chest and claims he jumped up in fright after mistaking the baby for a spider. He says Chayse rolled off his chest and hit his head against a heater, accidentally killing him.

Lindsey, who is on trial in the Supreme Court of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia, had been alone with Chayse when he died on June 26, 2016. His mother, Michelle Dearing, had gone on a shopping trip with friends to a 24-hour supermarket at 4am on the morning of Chayse’s death.

But prosecutor Nicholas Papas QC has reportedly said Mr. Lindsey’s version of events did not match medical reports, which suggested Chayse’s death was unlikely to have been accidental.

Neighbour Brian Woods said – via pre-recorded evidence played to the court – that on the night of Chayse’s death, he heard people next door arguing, keeping him awake for hours.

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Then about 8am, he heard Lindsey trying to wake the baby. “He kept saying ‘hey you.’

“He said it about 60 times,” Mr. Woods said.

Lindsey let out a “long dingo howl” when he started to “realise there’s something pretty serious with the baby,” the witness added.

Mr. Woods said he heard swearing and Lindsey stomping his feet before calling the child’s mother about 8.20am, telling her “there’s something wrong with the baby – come home.”

Chayse’s mother Michelle Dearing told the court yesterday that she and Lindsey, then 34, were planning to get married before the fateful night. She said Lindsey had proposed to her only nights earlier.

The witness said she had taught Lindsey some techniques to help settle babies and added he had ‘so much for patience’ for someone who wasn’t his son.

The trial continues.

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