“I Won’t Marry A Man I Don’t Have Sex With” – Nigerian Lady Reveals Why

A Nigerian lady, identified as Alagbu Kate on Facebook, has taken to the media to explain the reasons why she would not go into matrimony with any man who she has not had a romp with.

Following by the reactions she had received with the post, she had went ahead to explain why she had decided it that way, stating that she can not bear the troubles of looking for sexual satisfaction outside her marriage in a situation whereby her spouse cannot satisfy her.

In a clear explanation of this, she wrote..

“Not when I go in and the size of his d**k didnt go in or couldn’t satisfy me, I will now be looking for where to satisfy my urge which I won’t like. In as much as it is not good, it has its own advantages. And pretenders has had cases of breakups because of this”.

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