See Photo of Iconic Singer, Bright Chimezie And His Beautiful Family (Photos)

Bright Chimezie Ironmuo, also called Okoro Junior was born on the day of Nigerian independence i.e October 1, 1960. He is a musician who hails from Ekeoba, Umuahia in Imo State of Nigeria.

Bright Chimezie was born and bred in his village. He grew up with the image of a beautiful African village in his mind. At the time he was growing-up, there were still tales by moonlight, moon dances, folk tales and so on.

He was active reading books written by African authors like Chinua Achebe, Cyprain Ekwensi and Elechi Amadi.

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He also read about how the white man came to Nigeria and desecrated Nigerian culture and he started picking interest on African things and ideology. That was how the Afro-centrism flared up in him and everything he did brought up the exclamation, “Ah, Okoro man,” from people. They meant it to be derogatory at first but Chimezie liked it and consequently, he picked the name Okoro as his stage name.

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