See amazing facts about CONDOMS that you didn’t know

Latex c0ndomss last an average of 5 years after the date of manufacture

c0ndomss are typically made from latex, polyurethane and lamb skin

A c0ndoms can hold about 3.8 liters of liquid

Change a c0ndoms every 30 minutes, friction weakens it.

When used correctly, c0ndomss are 98% effective at preventing STI’S and unplanned pregnancies

When it comes to HIV, c0ndomss make s.ex 10 000 times safer

The first rubber c0ndoms was manufactured in 1855

There are more than 50 different names of c0ndomss e.g raincoat, nightcap and lovesock.

Store in a cool dry place
use silicon or water based lubricants
use a new c0ndoms everytime yo have s.ex

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Use two c0ndomss at once
expose to high heat
flush used c0ndomss down the toilet

Condoms don’t take the fun out of sex.

If you think that wearing condoms during intercourse can negatively affect the way you perform with your partner, think again. With the different type of condoms today, that is no longer the case. It all boils down to wearing the brand that can give you the best fit and the best experience of all. So don’t stop looking!

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