Woman gives birth on the street as hospital is too busy to attend to her (Photos)

A woman was forced to give birth in the street after a hospital was ‘too busy’ to treat her.

The astonishing scene was captured by a passerby after the pregnant woman, named only as Delmi, asked them to film her birth as evidence.

Delmi, 32, was even allegedly told by one nurse that ‘everyone comes with pains, you’ll have to wait’ when a friend called the hospital for help.

Footage shows Delmi standing next to a car parked opposite the Dr Jose Edmundo Vasquez Hospital in Chalatenango, El Salvador.

It’s understood an examining table and wheelchair were provided for the expectant mum.

Delmi said: “When I felt the baby pushing me too much, I decided to have her in the car.

“I could have got onto an examining table, because I had planned to, but there were a lot of children, a lot of people, and I was embarrassed that they would see me giving birth.”

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