Watch how a man beat up a Police Officer in Lagos (Video)

In a video that has gone viral, an unnamed man was seen beating a policeman in the Ikate area of Lagos state.

The video that’s just lasted 10 seconds featured a man who seemed to be a driver of sorts going at a uniformed officer with great gusto.

While the officer tried to get a few hits of his own, the man clearly had the upper hand and at some point in the video it even seemed that he was able to flip the policeman over and go at him mercilessly.
Onlookers seemed to be getting premium entertainment off this fight and no one seemed particularly eager to separate the fight as they just looked on. A woman in the background did ask for help, but no one heeded her call.

This is a strange case as usually it is the police that are guilty of harassing and beating up civilians with the alarming spate of cases of police brutality causing for the hashtag #EndSARS to trend at the tail end of last year.

There were many reported cases of police officers beating up civilians for the most trivial reasons, from a refusal to bribe them to refusing to obey instructions that they were uncomfortable with.

Watch Video Below:

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