A Mask Of Igbo Origin Was Featured Prominently In The Black Panther Movie (Photos) – Nigerian man says

A Nigerian man who lives in Leicester, United Kingdom – has criticized Christians after watching the trending movie in the world ‘Black Panther’. According to Uba Acho, the actors in the movie used some Igbo/Nigerian artifacts which are now being replaced by statutes of Virgin Mary and Jesus and some also being destroyed and burnt in the name of religion.

The man lambasted Christians for allowing themselves to be “brainwashed” by the foreigners who label the traditional items as bad luck and misfortune – only for the artifacts to be exported abroad and used in making money..

Read what Uba Acho shared on Facebook;

My People Perish For Lack Of Knowledge.

So on the 13th February 2018, I took my entire family to the cinema to see The Black Panther Movie, at a total cost of £112.

At the end of the movie I came home, and during my daily routine of thinking and reflection, it was dawn on me, that I paid £112 to watch my history and culture repackaged and sold to me. One of the major cast #Killmonger in one of the set, wore an Igbo inspired mask called #Mgbadike #Mask.

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Then I realised back home in Igbo land and across Africa, we are busy burning these ancient artifacts, figures and figurines. Replacing them with white Virgin Mary, white Jesus and all the European ancestors they call saints.

They brainwashed you to believe that an artifact is the cause of your misfortune, hardship, poverty and sickness. And you believed them without questioning or thinking for yourself.

While we are busy demonising and burning #Mgbadike mask, arts, figures and others, Disney films and Marvel Comics have made about a billion dollar with it.

While we are busy demonising and branding our heritage fetish, evil, diabolic, the western world are busy researching them, preserving them in their prestigious museums for you to pay to see them.

My people, we’ve slept enough, wake up.

N/B: I love the black panther movie, happy to see a people that found value in what we have and a movie that brings a different dynamics to Africa and black depiction in the Hollywood big screens. Go and see it.

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