Married woman get stuck while having sex with another man (Photos)

There was drama yesterday in South Africa when a 29 year old married woman was found stuck on top of a man.

Rachael Mplongo, 29 who is married with two kids was cheating on her husband with another married man.

According to those familiar with the story, the duo were seeing each other for a long time and they have been making love in different places of the town.

Yesterday it was a sad story as the two got stuck. People speculate that the wife to the cheating husband put some concoction to her husband before he cheated of going to watch soccer with friends, when he was making love to a married woman.

The man has been identified as Benjamin Thabo, 38 years.

The husband to the woman was later notified and rushed to the hospital together with her mother in-law and only to find the woman still stuck on top of another man.

The man stood in disbelief together with his mother in law, as the two were taken at some Private hospital for a possible separation.

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