Facebook’s market value rises after Kylie Jenner attacked Snapchat

Kylie Jenner is really influential and good for business.

As Effiezy.com reported that Snapchat’s market value dropped by a whopping $1.3 billion the day after Kylie tweeted 18 simple words to bash the app. (READ HERE)

And, as of Friday’s market close, SNAPCHAT’s value kept dropping.

Snap Inc. market value:

Feb. 21 – $22.78B (The day Kylie tweeted)

Feb. 22 – $21.40B

Feb. 23 – $21.41B

This is music to the ears of Snapchat’s rival … Facebook. The social media giant, of course, owns Instagram. Snapchat and the InstaGram have been dueling for a few years now, but Snapchat’s best feature — posting “stories” — finally made its way to Instagram, which has since gotten the upper hand.

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See Facebook’s market value over the past 3days:

Feb. 21 – $516.83B (The day Kylie tweeted)

Feb. 22 – $519.97B

Feb. 23 – $532.86B

Kylie might not have intended for any of this to happen … but such is her influence.

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