Top 7 Cult Groups in Nigeria And Their Colours (PHOTOS)

Cultism in Nigeria is still popular among young people today. Cult groups in Nigeria still have power and recruit more and more followers to their ranks. How many cult groups are in Nigeria? What do they want?

Cult groups in Nigeria and their Colours
Origin of cult groups in Nigeria

A Cult is a dangerous and deadly group that believes in the secret, esoteric, mystic and violent practices. Cultism always carries the experience or rituals. Cultists share common ideology and ideas. They are known as a secret society with obvious leaders or a leader. Their intentions are mostly unknown to the people who are outside their circle.

Cult groups in Nigeria and their Colours

Nonetheless, it does not mean that they all share the common goal – to spread their mystique practices. Moreover, they share the same common characteristics:

-Cult is a spiritual group;
-They use secret practices;
-Their policies are unknown for people beyond their circle of trust;
-They have an impact on the individual lives;
-They share common values.

The first university cult group was created in 1952. This first group was called “Pyrates.” The first Nigerian Nobel Prize winner Wole Soyinka was behind the creation of this group in Nigeria. Later, this group was renamed to the “Sea Dogs.” Nonetheless, it was the first time in Nigerian history when secret university group started to influence the life of students.

Top 10 Cult Groups in Nigeria

1. Pyrates Confraternity – National Association of Seadogs

It was the first Nigerian cult group! There are two main symbols of this cult group – bones and anchor, It`s a clear resemblance of “skull and bones” – the most famous cult group in the USA. The main ideas of the cults can be described as the fight against tribalism and convention plus spreading the ideas of brotherhood, partnership, and knighthood.

2. The National Associations of Sea Lords – Buccaneers Confraternity

It`s one of the most interesting fraternities in the list of occult groups in Nigeria. This group comes from The Pyrate Confraternity. The creator of this group is Bolaji Carew. This person was expelled from the Pyrate Confraternity. Therefore, he created a group of exiles who did not meet the standards of “Seadogs.” Therefore, you can see the resemblance of their organization with seadogs.

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Nevertheless, this group has lower standards for the new members. Moreover, they also copy a lot of principles from Seadogs.

3. Black Axe

The next confraternity you might have heard a lot about is the Black Axe. This cult community is known for its brutal behavior. Their main idea is to grow a strong body to confront other students. They believe that it`s necessary to dominate than to be dominated. Therefore, their symbol is an ax which destroys chains. This cult has its rules:

Do not betray;
Do not forgive;
Do not condemn;

If you manage to break one of the above-mentioned rules – you will pay for it with blood.

4. Aro Mates

This cult was created by three students who were once a part of the Pyrates. You may also find another name for this cult – the Vikings. Their main ideas are connected with the condemnation of any retreat and weakness. Their motto is “Blood in the Sea,” and they prefer to sign pyrate`s songs.

Their main symbols are axes crossed behind the boat. This boat resembles the Viking`s ship.

5. Air Lords

This cult is called the Supreme Eiye Confraternity or Air Lords. This cult was created by students who followed the ideas of the self-perfection. Nonetheless, their main values are discipline. They believe that there are no enemies and friends, but the confraternity. Their main symbols a skull and crossbones.

6. Dedy Na Debt

This cult is a very serious and frightening organization which structure is a complete mystery. According to rumors, they worship demons. They believe that their ideas put them way above other people. Therefore, all members of the group should perform an oath which resembles their loyalty to the common cause. People who brake their oath will be severally punished.

7. Ciao Sons

It`s one of the cruelest occult groups in Nigeria. Their main principles are based on the mafia connections. They follow the idea of revenge against the oppression. At the same time, they want to follow the ideas of bandit groups. The punishment for disobedience and treachery can be deadly in this occult group.

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