Lady’s Attempt To Trap Ogun Politician With Pregnancy Fails As Baby Looks Lebanese

A single lady simply known as Ayo, attempted to trap a top politician in Ogun State with pregnancy in order to rope him in as husband but her plans failed in Lagos.

The lady in question resided at Silver Estate in Ejigbo area of Lagos but she met the politician in Ogun State, they became lovers and developed their relationship for some years without his wife’s knowledge.

P.M.EXPRESS scooped that she got pregnant and put to bed a baby boy. But the new baby looked more like Ayo’s secret lover who was a Lebanese she had dated before she met the politician.

It was gathered that after the baby was born, the excited politician went to the undisclosed hospital in Lagos to meet Ayo and see the new baby which he thought he was the real father. It was then the whole secret got exposed and he discovered that Ayo had fooled him all the while by informing him that he had impregnated her.

It was gathered that the baby’s hairs, body and colour completely resembled Ayo’s Lebanese secret lover. The politician asked Ayo what would have been the cause as there was no sign that the baby was born by a Nigerian father.

She replied that it could be a mixture of his gene and that of her former lover who was a Lebanese. She reportedly pleaded with him to accept the baby since he had no child from his wife.

But the politician was said to have become angry, walked out of the hospital and cut every communication link he had with Ayo.

P.M.EXPRESS learnt that during the period of their relationship, the politician revealed to Ayo that he was married for several years but that his wife was unable to have a child. He explained that his wife’s chances of getting pregnant and having a child was slim because of her age and menopause.

Ayo then pretended to empathise with him and promised that she will bear a child for him. The politician then started taking care of her; rented a two bedroom apartment for her and gave her a car.

However, after being in relationship for years without any pregnancy, Ayo played fast one on him and got impregnated by her Lebanese lover who had since left Nigeria.

When Ayo eventually became pregnant, she announced it to the man who took special care of her and ensured that she lacked nothing throughout the pregnancy period. It was after she put to bed that she landed into serious problem. The politician disowned her and the baby and life became unbearable for her.

P.M.EXPRESS gathered that Ayo is now in dilemma on what to do and having a son without a father since the politician had disowned the baby. She was said to have also attempted to communicate with her Lebanese lover but had been unable to reach him as his friends do not have his contacts in Lebanon.

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