“I Have Been Eating Plastic Rice For 2 Months; Be Careful” – Lady Cries Out

Haykaymeny John, A Facebook user cries out after discovering she’s been eating plastic rice for a while now.
I think we really have to be careful in this country concerning our imported products.

Friends, I’m here again oh. I just realized this evening that close to 2 months, I have been eating plastic rice. Since today was the last day for our fasting n prayer, when I got back from my usual bizness, I decided to parboil the rice, that when I get back from church, I will come n prepare jollof rice. On getting back from church, I made the stew n when it’s time for me to pour the rice I used my hands n noticed that it was like rubber. I decided to practicalise what I used to see online, only for me to see that it was bouncing so hard ���

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Sometimes we don’t see the unseen battles and miracles God fight for us. The testimony of being alive is a great one.
Since regulatory bodies ain’t doing their duties, please friends let’s be careful n watch what we eat because we are what we eat

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