Pastors still pester me for sex – Tope Alabi

Tope Alabi,one of leaders of the contemporary Yoruba gospel artistes in Nigeria today, has said that there are pastors who still pester her for sex. She disclosed this in an
interview with InfoNigeria.

Question: You look quite astonishing, you look
young and beautiful, and do you get people coming to pester you for a

There are some of them that want to get to you by all means, whether you want
it or not…even there are ministers of God that pester me and say they want to get
to me, but when they get to me and they see I’m not like that, they
change, you are there to change life.
She says she relaxes by “lodging in hotels for three to
four days, at times I travel out, what I do most is watch films; I watch Yoruba
films and American films.”

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When asked what she thinks of Yoruba-Nolly, she
said it is basically because of her
music that people buy most of the Yoruba movies

“…God said I should not stop soundtracks, I don’t want to leave them,
because I know, some of the movies, my soundtrack is there, people want to buy
it because Tope Alabi’s music is in the film.

Who writes your music?
God, He dictates for me, while write down.

How do you get inspiration?
It is God, God gives me the inspiration, and this is what I want to tell my
people this time around, like this Agbelebu, God gave me the title.

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