Nollywood Actress, Sikiratu Sindodo Exclusively Reveals The Shameless Men In Her Life

A graduate of the University of Lagos, Tayo Odueke aka Sikiratu Sindodo, cannot be ignored in a crowd. Well-endowed both ‘front and back’ she was one of those actresses than shook the industry in her prime.
The 41-year-old who has a 20 year-old daughter is not known to be have hide-and-seek affairs with any man, his status, education attainment or class notwithstanding

She gained the respect of many of her fans a few years back when she openly declared her love for a chieftain of the National Union of Road Transport Workers, NURTW Musiliu Akinsanya aka MC Oluomo.
According to reliable sources, Tayo was married customarily to MC Oluomo and he adored her.

“She was MC’s favourite wife and he did everything to make her comfortable in his home. That she publicly accepted that she was dating MC was remarkable because many actresses have had affairs with the NURTW chieftain and denied publicly. They would collect money and gifts from him and he also funded most of their productions. But whenever they are questioned over the affairs, they would deny MC.
“So imagine the joy he felt when Tayo admitted the affair and even had a traditional wedding with him?” a source close to MC said.

While their love was ‘hot and steamy’ MC bought the actress a Murano which he customized as MC Baby and she was also on a monthly salary

But why did her marriage to MC Oluomo crash?

“She was not faithful to MC. Initially, everyone thought she would stay put in MC’s home and be responsible but her alleged affair with another actor, Akin Olaiya, gave her away.
MC knew Akin Olaiya was her friend and even sponsored their trips to the Holy land but nobody sensed that they were lovers.
Sikiratu Sinododo would always quarrel with Akin Olaiya whenever people were present but it was a gameplan.

It was Kokozaria (another NURTW official who is an avowed ally of MC Oluomo) who discovered that she and Akin were lovers when they traveled abroad and Kokozaria saw Sikiratu Sindodo in Akin’s hotel room and in bed with him!” the source revealed again.

But many talked about the loss of a gold jewellery which belonged to MC and all fingers pointed at Tayo as knowing how it got lost?

“No, immediately MC’s jewellery got lost, he dismissed the issue of anyone stealing it. He loved Tayo to death and never believed the gold he told her to go and sell for him to utilize the money for urgent matters, could have been stolen by her. He sent her on an errand and she came back to say the gold was stolen from her.

Nobody suspected Tayo until a very close friend of hers, who is a popular Yoruba actress (her husband resides abroad) came to confess to MC that Tayo had sold the jewellery and told him a lie!”
She left MC Oluomo after all these incidents.
Known for his benevolence, MC didn’t hesitate to send money for her treatment when she fell ill and was dying.

“MC is a kind man and believes any woman he has slept with should not be cast away even if she had wronged him. He paid for her treatment and he is happy she is back on her feet again.”

So, Tayo moved on to Fuji act Alao Malaika and admitted dating him.
The affair went on for a few years but from happenings, it seems Tayo has left him. Malaika has two wives and none can tell if he married Tayo before the split.

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