See this Togolese teacher going to school half naked on a flooded road, See reactions (Photo)

A Togolese teacher has become an internet sensation after a picture of him swimming through flooded roads, half Unclad to get to work on a rainy day in Togo.

As shared by Farida Nabourema‏, Director of primary school of Haho-Tové In Togo.

Let me introduce you to the Director of primary school of Haho-Tové going to work after a rainy day in #Togo . These are the noble civil servants who despite the hardship do not give up on their duty. #Togodebout #Fauremustgo.

When we started protesting Against this government some people came with their unsolicited advice: let him finish his term. They don’t know what we have been enduring since 1967 in #Togo under this selfish and brutal regime. The pictures I’ve been sharing are to give you an idea

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