Lady Punishes Her Unfaithful Boyfriend By Making Him Write: ‘I Won’t Cheat No More’ 224 times

An angry girlfriend named Darneisha Shereese, took to her Facebook page to share a video of her unfaithful boyfriend finishing up his punishment for being a cheat.

According to her, She made her boyfriend write “I won’t cheat no more” 224 times.

She wrote;

Punish His Ass 4 more Sheets To Go. Front And Back My Nigga “I Won’t Cheat No More” He Mad Asl Tho

She continued;

“It ain’t about how he Misspelled A Word. He Obviously Care If He Sat There And Wrote What I Told Him To.

He Didn’t Mind Letting Everyone Know He “Fucked Up” Either. This Was Just For Fun And Laughs I Didn’t Expect It To Go Up. I Bet Half Y’all Ass Don’t Even Have A Man And If You Do, Ya Mans Prolly Cheated Multiple Times And Ya’ll Let Him Right Back In!.

We Young BITCH He “Want” Me And I “Won’t” Let Y’all Bothered Ass Stop Me From Wanting MY MANNN. Ha!!!”

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