Man Uses Pure Water Nylon To Make Bags, Shoes, Rain Coats & Others In Lagos

His name is Olayemi Oluwabamigbe Samson and he’s an entrepreneur. He’s enthusiastic to see that people have a more suitable environment to live in our world.

According to Olayemi, the initiative is a tri-pod cycle initiative aiming at a long term plan to see that every pure water nylon becomes valuable even after usage.

The strategic plan of the initiative which Olayemi proposes is this, the recycled nylon transforms the environmental nuisance into useful products. He engages corporate organisation by using the product to advertise by giving out to schools and markets, because it attracts people’s attention and as well sending various environmental slogan message that correct the habit of people littering waste around the environment.

Olayemi have met with a recycling company Ominik ltd to recycle the nylons and customize new print using the recycled nylon in making designs of product like shoes, bags, raincoats ,car covers, and a lot more.

He says the pure water nylon will become of value as people will love investing in the initiative and also help create collection hubs across communities in Lagos state because of the popularity the recycling of the used nylons have gained.

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Olayemi says he’s opting to engage corporate organisations from their respective corridors so that members of the society can have a suitable and conducive balanced business environment where environmental equity prevail and littering is prevented to the barest minimum.

About the man behind the initiative:
Olayemi Oluwabamigbe Samdon was born and brought up in Lagos, from a christian family with 4 siblings. Olayemi says he attended primary school and passed through high institution studied mechanical engineering in city and guild programme.

Olayemi is a young entrepreneur very passionate about the enviroment and is engaged in more environmental equity also integrating various ideas in solving human challenges.
Olayemi currently resides in Lagos, Nigeria.

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