Help!!! My Boyfriend Might Leave Because I don’t Give Him a BJ

I’m 23-year old and in a relationship with a 29 year old guy. I really love my guy and I know he loves me a lot because he keeps showing me that he does he different ways.

However, my problem is with the ‘other room’. He makes me feel so special when we make love to the extent of giving me head(which I totally love) but the problem is me. I don’t reciprocate. He keeps complaining that he gives me everything I want but I can’t even give him a little. I can’t give him head.

I totally find it disgusting and I have a strong feeling I would throw up if I try it. This is beginning to cause friction between us and I’m afraid it could escalate into something more messy.

Please, what do I do? I can’t afford to lose him

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