Nigerian woman sentenced to death by hanging for killing her husband

The Bayelsa State High Court preceded over by Justice Nayai Aganaba has sentenced 30-year-old Victoria Gagariga to death by hanging for killing her husband, Henry Gagariga on the 4th of February, 2015, in their Bayelsa home.

In Delivering the case is said to have lingered for 3 years after the death of the deceased, the judge said the prosecution called six witnesses and produced seven exhibits while the defence only had one witness who happened to be the accused.

Going through the records of cross-examination of the witnesses, Justice Aganaba noted that all evidences provided by the prosecution team showed that the suspect was guilty as charged and other facts also confirmed that she was the only person with the deceased as at the time of his death and so she was the one that killed him.

The accused who hails from Brass Local Government Area and is said to be an employee of the Bayelsa Arts and Culture reportedly stabbed her husband on the neck during an argument.

According to the judge, Victoria killed her husband out of jealousy and obsession.

He said;

It is unfortunate that I can only pronounce the sentence prescribed by law. I wish I had the discretion to do otherwise. However, that discretion rests with the executive governor of Bayelsa State. I am only left with the compulsion to pronounce the sentence prescribed by law. I hope that person the discretion would look at the circumstance of this case and do the needful. I hereby pronounce my sentence. My sentence upon you is that you shall hang on the neck until you die. May the Lord have mercy on your soul.

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