Lady Exposes Dad, Reveals How He Rapes Her And Her Brothers When They Were Kids (Video)

A sexual assault victim has taken to Facebook Live to reveal in a video that her dad raped her, her three brother and two cousins when they were children.

She also said in the video that her dad never paid for what he did to them. She said he’s still walking free and is now on Facebook adding little girls to his three accounts.

“Not only did he hurt me but he hurt my two cousins that I warned to stay away from and watch out. He hurt my three brothers that when I was getting hurt by my father, when my dad used to touch me down there, when my dad used to put his tongue down there, when my dad used to put his private part down there and rub until he ejaculated, all those things, I used to tell him, do that to me and not my brothers please. I used to beg him, please, do that to me and not my brothers. And as I got grown I found out he did it to them too.”

She added: “Even though I said no, he still forced me to do thinks that I didn’t want to do. And I was only 6 to 8 years old at the time
California woman goes on Facebook Live and blasts her biological father for molesting her and her brothers when they were kids (video)

The woman, who is now 25 said she was moved to share her story because of the viral video of the little girl filmed performing oral sex on a grown man. She said it’s sad because the little girl will grow up hurt by what happened to her as a child.

“I’m saying this because people that are out there, that are posting this video of this girl and stuff, it hurts. This girl will never forget about what had happened to her. Like me, I am twenty-five years old now. This happened to me in the nineties… like early two thousands that this happened to me and not only did it hurt me that my father did that to me but is that my family, today, because it happened so long ago that they just probably had amnesia that he did this, because they’re adding him on Facebook, saying happy birthday to him… like how does that feel for me, my brothers and the other victims?”
She said the assault affected her so much and messed her up emotionally. She also said it affected her brothers too – one is homeless and one is in prison and there’s one she doesn’t even know about.
She also accused her mum of condoning her father’s actions all the time he assaulted them.

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“She condoned it. It was OK with her as long as she had her man to sleep with, to say I love you, whatever, she was OK with that.”

She added that when she was eight years old, she wrote her mum a letter telling her all her dad had been doing to her but her mum balled the letter up and thrashed it, then did nothing about what she had been told. She said her mum told her, “the past is the past”.

She said all she wants is for her father, Derrick, to admit that he assaulted her and apologize for his actions.

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