Ladies, See 7 ways to know a guy wants to sleep with you

Ladies, this is how to know if a guy wants to have sex with you.

And to my fellow guys, forgive me in advance ooo.

So let’s get started with the signs. “winks”

1. He starts being nice when you say you’re visiting: Immediately you hint that you’re visiting, he begins to get nicer than before. He calls you before you sleep and when you awake. He calls you repeatedly before you arrive to ask if you’re fine and if you still understand the directions to his place. He even asks you what he should get you before you arrive and then you start thinking he’s nice. If I hear!

2. He puts special effort in preparing his room: The usual thing a guys does is to clean his room before you arrive. However, if you arrive and notice he made special efforts such as laying his bed by adding colourful spread or by using an exotic room freshner or by serving you special refreshment like wine, he’s preparing for the kill. The special efforts may vary but the point is that it is unusual. As a Nigerian adage says, “chicken wey we wan kill next week n aim we dey feed well.”

3. He changes the arrangement of his furniture:
While this looks similar to the first point, it is actually different. The first point is to impress you, but this one is to put you in a position that makes it easy for actions to take place. So don’t be surprised if only the 2 seater sofa is suddenly available. Campus guys would even take out the chairs so you can only sit on the bed.

4. He starts touching: Erm.. this is obviously easy. He would start with the light touches that are harmless to test your receptivity. When he sees that is fine, he takes it one step further. You know the rest.

5. He dims the light: Whether it’s because dim lights is romantic or bad things happen in the dark, I don’t know oo. But when he drops the curtain and switches off the light so you can both watch the TV, my sister, just know the real show is about to begin.

6. He goes in and out: This one is for the inexperienced guys. Since he’s uncomfortable in your presence due to his intentions, he starts forming busy and and move in and out. There’s no busy anywhere! He’s just still thinking for a good strategy to get started.

7. He flirts heavily: A day or two before you show up, he starts keeping you on chat longer than usual. While you both talk into the night, the conversations starts to get a sexual undertone and plenty of innuendoes. He’s getting you ready and planting images in your mind innocently so at the back of your mind, you know something would happen even though you try to fight that thought

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