AMAZING: Check out this little girl that has a magnetic body, her body can attract metal objects (Photos)

This cute six-year-old girl appears to be the new Magneto thanks to her ability to apparently attract metal objects to her body.

Red-head Vika Darovskykh has been praised for being able to hold up to 10 spoons on her body at once.

The metal objects appear to defy gravity as they cling to her body without falling off.

Her mother Nadezhda Darovskykh, from the town of Kotelnich in central Russia’s Kirov Oblast region, says the family first noticed her unusual talent when she was just four-years-old.

She believes Vika inherited it from her father who can perform similar stunts while her grandfather could reportedly attract a clothes iron to his body.

The little girl’s magnetic performances have made her something of a local celebrity, even winning a local talent show .

Nadezhda said: “She showed how her body can magnetise spoons. Together with my husband, we attached 10 spoons to her back, stomach, cheeks and nose.”

And she said that Vika’s success in winning the local competition have led to invitations for the youngster to appear in national TV talent shows.

However, so far her family have resisted the temptation and have restricted the youngster to showing off her ability to family and friends.

Nadezhda added: “I think it is impossible to learn this if you don’t have the ability. This is an inner energy that lets you magnetise objects.

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