University Student Lures And Catches Young Thief Who Always Steal Pot Of Rice. (Photo)

A young boy who decided to steal while everyone left for Juma’at prayer earlier today at Usman Danfiodo University in Sokoto – was caught red handed with a pot of rice. According to reports, the owner of the food, Muhammad Isah, didn’t go for Jumma’at prayer in order to catch the thief that stole his two caps last week Friday.

He said, ” My two caps were stolen when I left for Jumma’at last Friday, this is why I planned to hide somewhere and cook rice as trap to catch the thief this week. The boy took the pot of rice running outside the room, where I caught him”, he added.

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The boy’s father was invited and he implored the student to please forgive.

The security on duty at the hostel pleaded with Muhammad Isah to accept the apology…

The victim, Muhammad Isah while responding to press said, “I have forgiven him, but the security should help take control of insecurity in the hostel most especially on Friday”.

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