“Pastor Adeboye Is A Bastard, A Scammer And A Thief” – Nigerian Lady Blows Hot

A Nigerian facebook user named Ayinke Adefemi has taken to social media to blast Pastor Adeboye, according to her when the going was good her mother used to donate generously to RCCG and they even used their house for house fellowship but now things are rough for them and they are about to be kicked out of their house for their inability to pay rent RCCG has refused to help them, well read her posts below:

She deleted this…

Then posted this

My mum sent me a text this morning , begging me to stop posting about “men of God” I simply asked her if she had gotten a reply to the letter she submitted to her pastor 4 months ago, asking for financial support to pay rent for a new apartment, after her old landlord gave her an eviction notice that expired on the 30th of last month.
Mind you, when the going was good , she started this RCCG branch with them. They automatically made her Good women leader and immediately attached straw to her bank account , asides the tithes and seeds of faith. She even allowed them use our parlor for mid week service for almost 2 years.
She converted my lil sister’s room to store where the church kept all their musical instrument. And she was very resourceful in helping them raise money to buy the land on which the church was situated. Every Christmas and new year , she decorated the church for them free of charge.
During her 50th bday, she repainted the whole church and made a big donation to them.
I can go on for days! Where is the God’s blessing they promised her? Now she has retired from civil service.
Still waiting for her gratuity before she can start business. Common house rent! The church cannot provide.
They haven’t even acknowledged that they have received the letter. I am the one who single handedly shouldered the whole expenses.
I am the one out here exposing their phyukery. Yet I am the devil .
She holds a very strong position in this APWECON , but she doesn’t want to speak against a father in the lord that is targeting that profession, My people , Una see say this jazz wey they pastors dey do strong gan?

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Then This….

Like most of you, I was in disbelief when I first read the quote above. I decided to verify it by purchasing the copy of Open Heavens from which the quote was taken (fully referenced below).
1). If you want returns in Dollars, sow in Dollars. Do not sow in Naira and be expecting a harvest in Euro. It does not work like that.
2). It is the particular denomination that you use that God will multiply and return to you.
3). Do yourself a favor by using the biggest denominations so as to get the greatest harvest.

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